4 Idiots

Four Friends Bunty,Qayuum,Nagya and Kashi from Mumbai, who help each other in the time of crisis.Qayuum is not steady about his job, Bunty is a pick pocket, Kashi is an Air conditioner Mechanic and a follower of a Bhondu Baba; while Nagya is a driver, who is dreaming of going to USA.When Qayuum's mother is seriously ill and is to be operated upon , the other three friends raise money out of their savings and by selling their belongings. Bunty also manages a sizable amount, which he claims to have stolen from a non occupied house. When all of them fail in their attempt to raise enough money for their new lifestyle, Bunty comes up with a plan of bank robbery. Initially, the other three friends are reluctant; but, when they find that it is the best way of earning quick money, without killing anyone, they join Bunty's plan. Written by [email protected]